“Fairytale Overseas Weddings” belongs to Hong Kong Wedding Management Association (HKWMA), providing one-stop destination wedding services including overseas weddings, wedding photography and honeymoons. Whether you want to have a romantic grand wedding or have the best memories of two people, our team’s expertise with partners around the world are committed to providing you a reliable quality service. From wedding planning, wedding ceremony management, wedding reception, post-production, honeymoon travel, to travel arrangements ., we aim to plan and to deal with every detail perfectly, our clients enjoy their fairytale weddings.
「Fairytale Weddings 童話海外婚禮」,隸屬於「香港婚禮管理協會HKWMA」, 是一個專注於海外婚禮、婚紗攝影及蜜月旅拍的機構, 為准新人提供貨真價實、 貼心周詳 、多元化、時尚化、個性化,一站式海外婚禮服務。無論你想要有浪漫盛大的婚禮還是擁有一段屬於兩個人最美好的記憶,我們團隊的專業知識、統籌能力、資深經驗、盡責、以及長期與世界各地合作夥伴的成功合作,都承諾提供你們可靠穩當的優質服務。無論婚禮的前期跟進、婚禮過程管理、婚宴、後期製作、蜜月旅行,以及親戚朋友旅遊安排等等,我們都盡力策劃及完美處理每一個細節,使每對新人可放心擁有一個童話婚禮。


“FAIRYTALE WEDDINGS” is a solely owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong Wedding Management Association (HKWMA). Beginning in 2006, the association collaborate and union with a number of international and China wedding organizations, honour to entitle several  numbers of senior overseas wedding consultant title.

「FAIRYTALE WEDDINGS 童話婚禮」 為香港婚禮管理協會全資直屬機構。2006年開始,協會與多個國際及大中華婚慶組織聯盟,並獲多項高級海外婚禮顧問名銜。


Wedding experts have received a number of media support and interviews, including CosmoBride, Elle Wedding, Darizi, TVB, RTHK, NOWTV, iCable, CCTV, SkyPost, Headlines, Economic Daily, Apple Daily … and so on….
婚禮專家榮獲多間傳媒支持及專訪,包括 : CosmoBride、Elle Wedding、大日子、TVB、RTHK、NOWTV、iCable、CCTV、晴報、頭人條日報、經濟日報、蘋果日報…等等。


We provide wide range of overseas wedding coordination service, bring you an unforgettable wedding!



We pay great attention to the needs of each customer, so we strictly control our overseas wedding service quality, security and post-sales service. In addition, make use our own professional, high quality and credibility, bringing innovation, personalised, unique travel and wedding products, we also put a lot efforts to achieve the ultimate perfect product, so that customers enjoy the best experience and  to meet customers various kind of demand.
我們十分重視每個人客之需要,所以我們嚴格掌控我們的海外婚禮服務品質、安全保證和售後服務。除了利用本身的專業性、高品質與可信度,力圖通過創新、個性化、獨特的深度旅遊和婚紗拍產品,更盡力把產品做到極致完美,讓新人享有最好的體驗, 滿足新人及消費者多樣化的需求。


HKWMA was established in 2006 and currently has more than 2,000 business groups and individual members, including Guam Visitor Bureau (Hong Kong), Cyprus Tourism Board, Macau Government Tourist Office, Egyptian Embassy Tourism Office, Association of Certified Wedding Planners CWP, Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong Ocean Park, Macau Venetian Hotel, Hong Kong Peak Tower, Peak Tram, Marriott Hotel, Gold Coast Hotel, Princess Cruise, Queen Cruise, Canard Cruise, Hong Kong Helicopter Service, Avis International Car Rental Group, etc., covering wedding and tourism planning, hotels, rituals, restaurants, photography, jewellery and more than 50 wedding related industry. As the representative association of the Hong Kong wedding industry, the association alliances covers Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the United States, South Africa and the United Kingdom and other places. HKWMA from time to time to provide overseas wedding trend information to Hong Kong and China’s wedding magazines and to the media, and to provide the latest information for couples.
HKWMA於2006年正式成立, 目前有超過二千多間企業集團和會員,包括關島觀光局(香港) 、塞浦路斯旅遊局、澳門政府旅遊局、埃及駐華大使館旅遊處、國際認可婚禮統籌師CWP、香港半島酒店、香港 JW萬豪酒店、香港海洋公園、澳門威尼斯人酒店、香港山頂淩霄閣、山頂纜車、萬豪酒店、黃金海岸酒店、公主遊輪、皇后遊輪、卡納德郵輪、香港直升機服務、 Avis國際租車集團等,從事婚禮和旅遊策劃、酒店、儀式、飲食、攝影、珠寶首飾等50多個相關婚禮行業,乃代表香港婚禮業的主要團體。而協會聯盟覆蓋台灣、新加坡、馬來西亞、澳洲、新西蘭、歐洲、美國、南非和英國等地。 HKWMA不時提供海外婚禮趨勢資料給香港和中國的婚禮雜誌和媒體,為新人提供最新的資料。